Understanding the Pulses for Diagnosis & Treatment
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Understanding the Pulses for Diagnosis & Treatment

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Date: To Be Confirmed (10am-4pm) Please drop us a message if you would like to be notified as soon as an event date has been confirmed

Location: The Old Chapel Clinic & Training Centre, Hurworth Grange, Darlington, DL2 2BN



Jong shares his exceptional knowledge and clinical practice of Pulse Diagnosis in this exciting and practical event. Jong will be discussing the following:

  • Introduction to Pulse Diagnosis (Mai Zhen) 脈()

  • Palpation and Pulse Diagnosis

  • Four Main Diagnostic Methods

  • Introduction to Death Pulse Si Mai 死脈

  • Seven Death Pulses 七死脈 and Ten Strange Pulses 十怪脈

  • Death Pulse Practical Technique

  • Pulse Diagnosis of Wai Jing Bing and Nei Zang Bing (Diseases of Zang Fu Organs) 內臟病

  • Bian Zheng Differentiation (Identifying patterns) 辨症施治

  • Six Ancestral Pulses Liu Zu Mai 六祖脈

  • Common Pulse Locations and Related Channels/Organs from different time periods

  • Introduction to Palpation Qie Zhen 切診

  • Palpating/Examining Points on Channels and Collaterals, Extra Points (EX) and Special Points

  • Palpating Methods and Diagnostic Order

  • Combination of Front Mu Point, Back Shu Point and Cleft Xi Point for Diagnosis

  • Diagnostic Points for Digestive Disorders, Respiratory Disorders, Cardiovascular Disorders, Liver/Gall Bladder Disorders, Urogenital disorders, Neurological Disorder, Orthopedic Disease, Disorders of the Five Sensory Organs and Endocrinopathy

  • Diagnostic Points for Deficiency or Excess of Zang Fu Organs

  • Extra Points and Special Points which are commonly used in Palpation

  • Classification of 28 Kinds of Pulses

  • Pulse Description

  • Indications

  • Etiology

  • Similar Pulse(s) and Opposite Pulse

  • Irregular Pulses

  • Palpation, Pulse Diagnosis and Treatment Options

There will be numerous demonstrations and ample time for questions and answers as well as supervised practice sessions.

Who can attend this event? 

ALL qualified therapists/final year students who have their own liability insurance are welcome to attend this event. ANY QUESTIONS BEFORE YOU BOOK? CONTACT US

Who will be teaching? 

ALL our events are taught by Prof Jong Baik. Learn more here 

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