Introduction to Scalp Acupuncture & Reflexology
Date: TBC

Introduction to Scalp Acupuncture & Reflexology

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Date: TBC (10am-4pm)

Location: The Old Chapel Training Centre, The Grange, 41 Hurworth Road, Hurworth, DL2 2BN




!!FREE GIFT!! A gua sha acupressure tool is included in the booking fee and will be given to you upon arrival.

Topic: An Introduction to Scalp Acupuncture & Reflexology 

Scalp Acupuncture & Reflexology treats and prevents disease by stimulating specific areas on the scalp. It is a relatively new therapy based on the theory of Traditional East Asian Medicine and Micro Systems. This therapy is often used clinically to treat central nervous system disorders, especially for paralysis due to stroke, as well as internal medicine, gynaecology , and paediatrics.

This event explores the physiology of the brain and its link to bodily functions, symptoms and illnesses. Jong will also explain and demonstrate how to locate the various scalp reflex areas including sensory, motor, balance, digestive and reproductive areas. A range of stimulation and treatment methods with be demonstrated and case studies will be discussed. There will be numerous supervised practice sessions. The event is a balanced mix of theory and practice. Valuable skills and techniques learnt at this event can confidently be put straight into practice.

It is a highly practical workshop combining lectures, demonstrations and supervised practice and will allow students to move easily from theory to full clinical application.

Who can attend this event? 

ALL qualified therapists/final year students who have their own liability insurance are welcome to attend this event- Please contact your insurance provider PRIOR to booking a place to check if this a therapy you can add to your policy. 

This event is open to all qualified therapists (regardless of your discipline as both invasive and non-invasive treatment options will be covered) and final year students who hold their own professional liability insurance


Who will be teaching? 

ALL our events are taught by Prof Jong Baik. Learn more here 

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